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Sylvia Crain

Collective Expression

We all have the need to leave a mark...

Discovering More Expressions

When I speak with people about Collective Expression, frequently they relate an example of an expression from their own experiences. This is a long term project and I value this introduction to new ideas.

Sharing of new locations greatly broadens the diversity of my work and can be thought of as creating a collective idea. If you know of an expression and would like to share it, please describe it with sufficient information in the space provided below for me to find it and send it along to me.

If I have an opportunity to include your idea in my series and you have provided an e-mail contact, I will gladly provide you with a JPEG of my favorite image from the new expression.

Thanks for you help and support!

Please enter the location and other descriptive information to assist me in finding your expression idea.

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Falls Creek

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