Pressing Matters

Seems like a good idea to point to all the articles we come across that mention Jim’s adventure.  A good way to keep track of them and enjoy the moments of notoriety.  Paul d-Orleans rode a very cool racing prepped Velocette that was faster than a bat our of hell.  Could beat all the Class I bikes up the hills by a long shot and likely all the Class II and III’s as well.  It was wicked fast.  The tradeoff is it was not particularly sturdy when it came to day-in-day-out riding.  He wrote a fun article on his adventure for Cycle World Online and summed up the results as well.  Towards the end of page 2 is a nice write-up on Jim’s efforts on the BSA.

On other matters, I’ve been cataloging my images from the trip and will make available a couple of slide shows; one of the event itself and the other of my journey across the country.  Very different takes of the last month.  Stay tuned.

Upon returning, we found that fall has come to Santa Fe.  The nights are in the 40’s and the days in the 70’s.  Some rain the last few days and the wonderful smell of chilies roasting.  A wonderful time of the year and we did not miss it!  We also still have plenty of tomatoes on the vine to enjoy.  And the last rite of fall… the tarantulas are on the move.

A beautiful female tarantula. One of the bigger ones I’ve seen here.

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