A Winning Weekend

Funny, when we were on the Cannonball, I somehow managed to post almost every night. No matter how tired, cranky, grumpy or busy. I guess I felt obligated as I knew lots of folks were anxious for an update. Now…. I don’t think that is the case. Anyway…. rewind a couple days… see, its not even current… A day of swap meet – Jim and I managed to walk all the rows. Unheard of for us. And, we even found a few treasures for various projects – a BSA A-10 gas tank for me, a set of vintage saddle bags for Jim’s A-10, and a 4-leading shoe break for a Norton project Jim hopes…. some day…. to complete. (Sorry, the project has been sitting for a long time!) I don’t think we’ve ever bought anything at a swap meet before.

There was lots of other stuff going on at the track; road racing, bike shows, more swap meet, vendors, and about 60,000 spectators, but it is now time for the dirt stuff and the boys are focused. Dirt events are relegated to an obscure corner of the property, far from the fervor of flashy activities.. Barber Motor Speedway is a a beautiful property with rolling hills and top rate facilities for the road racers. Also the best motorcycle museum in the country – although we did not even enter the doorway this time around. We are pitted in a grass parking lot with porta potties overlooking a bowl shaped parking lot which has been transformed into a mostly grass track motocross track. It is all surrounded by pretty hardwood and pine forest, so all in all a nice setting. Enough of stage setting…

Looking good!!!

John is looking good!!!

Trials is the Saturday event for the boys. John, Jimmy’s son-in-law has flown in and the three will ride trials. There is cross-country in the afternoon, but all are wise enough to forgo that. Trials — 8 sections with defined paths based upon skill level and motorcycle characteristics. Each competitor must ride through “gates” without putting a foot down or going off course. You get points for ever dab or infraction. Sounds easy enough…. John rides the hardest line, Jimmy the next hardest and Jim one more line down.

The calm before the storm.

Jimmy experiences the calm before the storm.

There are two more lines below Jim’s level. Jim won his class! Jimmy was 7th of 10 and John was 4th of 5. Seems that riding the easier lines has it’s advantages. As Jim says, “I enjoy a ride in the woods…” Fun was had by all.

Well maybe Jim wasn't having fun.  he looks so serious.

Well maybe Jim wasn’t having fun. He looks so serious.

Next day is motocross (on motorcycles from the 50’s – early 70’s) and this is where Jim gets competitive. He does like to win. Jim and Jimmy are racing their BSA Goldstars and they love to race against each other.

Jim (in front) and Jimmy.  They played quite a lot in the 2nd moto.

Jim (in front) and Jimmy. They played quite a lot in the 2nd moto.

The class they race in is some of the oldest bikes any many of the other riders are perplexed as to how or why they do it. But, they do get cred-points for riding these sort of bikes. I think the bikes sound better too. A deep sonorous, throaty sound as opposed to the high pitched “brap” of many of the dirt bikes. Jimmy is also riding another class on a newly acquired 500 Triumph Rickman Matise, and John is riding two classes on his Kawasaki KX-250.

John catching some air in a relatively flat motocross track.

John catching some air in a relatively flat motocross track.

Good racing all around. Jim won his class, with Jimmy second. Jimmy won his Premier Open Twin class on the Rickman and John was 3rd and 5th (I think) in the Sportsman 250 and +40 (a class based upon riders age). I could go into play by play, but I am now pressed for time… Need to dump the tanks and get on the road for Clarksdale, Mississippi. A little delta blues before heading home.

Jimmy hooking up on his new Rickman.  Pretty bike.

Jimmy hooking up on his new Rickman. Pretty bike.

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