Finding our Footing

Slowly we are fining our footing.  Today we started Spanish classes.  We decided to take a couple weeks of classes.  Why???  An interesting thing to do and we always need to learn more.  Although we can get by fairly easily, we stumble lots on tenses and always forget vocabulary.  Prior to coming, we had to take a written text.  Man, it was hard!  Our recent Spanish has been almost exclusively verbal and thus a written test was a challenge.  Upon arrival this morning we had to do a little verbal test.  I guess we did OK as we were place in the advanced class – I think they only have beginners and advanced.

An interesting group of 5.  Jim and I, a Canadian woman, French man (the adults) and a young, boisterous guy Australia.  Rather odd to have mostly mature retirees and a single young guy.  It has been typically opposite when we’ve taken classes out of the US in the past.

Class was not too bad.  Mostly talking and some good review for both Jim and I.  We are supposed to write some sentences today, but I have energy-less.  Did I mention it seems to be hotter now.  The temp says 88, but it just seems hot.  Zaps the energy.

Yesterday in our walks we happened upon the Sunday dancing in Plaza Grande. I believe there is dancing every Sunday. These folks like their dancing in all forms!

We have been doing *lots* of walking. The school is just under a mile one way, but yesterday we did a lot of walking around and today after class, we did the same.  Merida is easy to find your way around.  Definitely a grid system.

As always, the Virgin is popular everywhere in Mexico. We found this one in an alley leaving one of the big markets.

We seem to still be in the wander and food shopping mode; popping from mercado to mercado and supermarket to supermarket.  We are still trying to find the places we prefer to shop.  The mercado’s have been a bit difficult with the festivals over the past few days, and the regular supermarkets we like best so far are not easy walking distance.  The closest has meats that really don’t suit us, although otherwise we can mostly make it work. No, we did not buy these greenies!

I don’t get surprised often in the market. These wee about as green as I’ve ever seen!

We did try today after our grocery expedition to go to a museum…. closed.  perhaps tomorrow…

Ok, ok, I’ll stop and work on my Spanish sentences; using equalities and comparisons to describe Santa Fe in the past.  Not really too hard, just have to get my brain in gear.

Oh wait,  I cannot forget out plunge pool.  Empty when we arrive.  The woman who checked us in said, “fill it when you want to use it.”  I said, can we just leave it full (I hate to waste water.)  She said sure, but I’ll bring you a chlorine float thing.  Still awaiting that, but decided to fill the pool today.  Did I mention it is hot?  Did I mention our water is gravity fed?   Hour into filling (we also better check to see if we need to turn on the pump to refill the tank on the roof) and maybe 30 minutes more.  Who would *ever* empty it!.

The plunge pool. Takes an hour and a half to fill. The expect you to empty it each day…!???

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