We are a week in.  Another  week of Spanish classes under our belt.  Yes, we are learning things that I think will stick.  Slowly, our Spanish gets better and better.  We’ve also been working to plan an afternoon activity each day to get out.  It is easy to just collapse after 4 hours of class, especially as the heat zaps your energy.  But, we ARE getting out.

In St. Ildephonsus Cathedral. I need to understand the banners as I have seen them in other places as well.

We have visited a few museums, the Cathedral of St. Ildephonsus and had a couple of lunches out with fellow students.  And, a bar evening last night!  This evening, Friday, returns us to the party part of the week, not for us but for the City.  We headed downtown for what we thought was a concert at the cathedral which turned out to be carols by various parochial schools in Yucatan.  Enjoyable enough, but not well miked.

Local parochial school Christmas carols at the Cathedral.

The concert drew a big crowd while across the plaza, the Mayan ball court was in action in the street.  Merida embraces both its traditional and Hispanic culture.  Nice!

The Mayan ball game was quite fun to watch.

As it is Friday night our corner cantina, La Rosa Roja, has their Mexican polka band in full swing.  If last Saturday is an indication, they will finish up about 1 am.  At least they are decent!

And to close out the evening, a few minutes ago at 10:30 PM, the neighbor across the street stopped by and delivered,…. ready for this…. the new phone book that had been dropped off at her place earlier in the day.

Tomorrow we have rented a car and will stop off at the slow food market and then head to the sea for the day.  Our first foray out of “the big city!”

A nice display of Christmas lights in the neighborhood. Merida is a mixture of nice places and those in great need of restoration.


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  1. I am enjoying seeing your travels to Mexico. Enjoy the warmth. Snowed some today. Will be darn right cold tonight. Hugs to you and Jim

  2. I like being in Santa Fe when it snows, just not when it is cold with no action! Stay warm…. it has cooled slightly here. Perhaps I am just adjusting…