Entertaining things in Merida

I have been collecting oddities, or unusual things from around Merida; at least things I’ve not see elsewhere or that are unusual.  For example, take a close look at these blocks.  A different shape than we are used to.  Set the beams in place and lay blocks across.  Is it a roof structure, or floor structure?  Jim thinks it is the basis for a second story.

The house behind us from our roof. “Laying” a floor for a second story?

These little chairs below are found in all the parks around town.  They have several names.  The one I remember is “tu y yo” (you and I).  Actually, quite comfortable and perfect for conversing with someone else.

Tu y yo (you and I) chairs in the parks.

We found this chandelier in a coffee shop/gallery.  Very ingenious.  All the lights are adjustable so you can shine them onto art on the walls.  No need for track lighting.  Very cool!  And, the art was interesting as well!

Very ingenious chandelier with adjustable lighting.

And the oddest of all are the living jewelry. These beetles are called maquech beetles and this jewelry is apparently popular all over Mexico.  We may have seen them before in the market, but I surely have not see anyone wearing one.  The have gold and jewels glued to their backs and a little chain so they can be pinned to your clothing.  They can wander just a bit and be “pretty”, but not leave.  They eat wood and apparently can live 3 – 4 years all dolled up.

Marquech beetle living jewelry.

Apparently, this jewelry is  based upon an ancient Mayan legend about a princess who was forbidden from marrying her lover.  She was so distraught that she stopped eating and drinking so the medicine man turned her into a maquech beetle so she could spend the rest of her life as a broach on the chest of her lover, close to his heart.  Very sweet!

And last but not least for today…

Hammocks for Jesus! Love ii!

You may notice that baby Jesus is not in his hammock,  Well, that is because he is not put there until  Christmas Eve in… , I think the evening Mass???  So, if we go into the Iglesia tomorrow (Christmas Day), Jesus should be there.  I love the use of a hammock for Jesus.  So cute and they really are comfortable to nap in in the Yucatan heat.

Feliz Noche Buena! (Happy Christmas Eve!) and have have a wonderful Christmas day with family and friends!

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