Hasta Luego Merida

We are headed home today, back to the cold country, Santa Fe.  I am ready to go, our visit has been sufficient.  There is always a sadness though.  We have grown to like our little casa with its quirks.

Our little garden

The Yucatecans are extremely friendly and boy do the Meridians like to party.  Yesterday was with start of the anniversary celebrations – 475 years.  Only a month since Noche Blanca, the arts celebration.  We had lots of fun adventures, learned a bit more Spanish ans saw some great sites.

Pequeno Edwardo, the hojalatero (tinsmith). He makes many very function buckets and canisters, but also some very elaborate shrines.

Will we be back to Yucatan?  Maybe, but it really is a bit hot for my taste.  The locals say this is the hottest winter they can remember.  No wonder cenotes are so popular.   The water is crystal clear, cool and being in a pseudo cave for a swim is so fun.

Cenote Xcanche

Jim and I have been talking about how to turn one of our little ponds into a plunge pool/cenote.  Yeah!

The thing that would bring me back are crafts.  Mexico is full of crafts, and Yucutan has it’s own as well.  Henequen (sisal), cross stitch, wood working, ….

Gabriel Perez Rajon, a taller de tallado en Madera en Izamal. He has been to The Santa Fe Folk Art Market twice.


Our impromptu henequen factory tour. So very fascinating!

After visiting and looking at various crafts, I am now on an arts and craft binge. Hum…. we’ll see where this goes…!


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