We have made it to Amsterdam.  Always a fly-through for me, nice to have an experience here.  We are blessed with sunny skies, something we hear is not always so common.  Still chilly though we have not had to wear all our layers which is a blessing.

Initial impressions:  Lots of bikes.

Everyone seems to ride bikes. DO NOT get in their way!

Housing is dense, but only 3 – 4 stories.  Our friend Leesa has rented a lovely little place, so I assume all the others are as cute inside.  Don’t have a picture yet, but huge underground garbage bins that everyone dumps…. most of their garbage in.  The truck then comes by and lifts the bins out of the ground for dumping.

We are waaaaaay down at the end of this block.

Many of the canals have houseboats on them.  Some occupied, others apparently “summer homes.”  None quite as pretty or interesting as this one.

Very creative.

More later once we find a better schedule.  It always seems to be 5 PM and we are just getting started….!

Oh, I cannot forget the flowers.  How can it be so cool with so many flowers in bloom????


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