Up Early, to Bed Late

It is beginning to feel like a Cannonball experience.  Tired.  But having fun!  Oh, get over it!

First, from two days ago.  The Reporters Memorial Park in Bayeux.  An organization – Reporters Without Boarders created a park near the British WWII Cemetery to commemorate reporters who have lost their lives in their line of work.  They started with WWII reporters and go through the present. Some years are better than others.

Ernie Pyle was from Albuquerque. Growing up we always heard about him. There is a library in ABQ named after him.

Some years multiple stones with names for a single year. They tended to be more recent years.

Daniel Pearl caught our attention as we really don’t know most of these folks names. They are working to provide us information on our world. Such a fitting place to visit in these files of “fake news.”

We also visited the German Cemetery in Normandy.  It was an American Cemetery, but they moved all the bodies to the “official” American Cemetery and then used this to rebury Germans killed in the war.  Not as much care was given, stones are shared – two solders to a grave and the stones seem to be concrete as opposed to marble or granite.  Still, a very moving place.  It is dedicated to the promotion of peace.

Yesterday and today we also visited Mont St. Michel.  As a child, my Dad as a “book of the world”; pictures of interesting and beautiful places.  I don’t know what happened to that book, but I’ve always wanted to visit.  Yesterday we did!  Lovely.

Ha! A picture of me! Jim was laying on the ground to take. it. Two people took pics of me while Jim took my pic. I am in-famous!

And the beautiful Mont St. Michel. Tides were not high so only a “river” around the island.

Today, we arrived in Brittany.  Food just gets better, scenery spectacular, the soul is very much intact.  Only 10:30.  I want to go to bet early!

Tides are high here, or shall I say, the ocean beds are shallow. Jim just could not get over all the boats awaiting a odd looking.






Up Early, to Bed Late — 2 Comments

  1. Always wanted to see Mont St. Michel-for some reason I thought you walked on the sand at low tide to get to it. But I see the bridge in the pic. Probably all the other pics were from a different position?

  2. I believe their has been a bridge for many, many (hundreds?) of years. The pilgrims in the very early years did have to walk the sand. There are spots of quicksand though. Part of the journey for pilgrims to the place.