On the Move

We have been in Brittany for a few days.   Really very nice. I was drawn to it because of it’s ancient Celtic roots and the fact they are feisty.  Stayed in the lovely medieval town  of Dinan.   Lovely people – as they have been everywhere – great food and a nice walled inner town.  Some of the building here… the most amazing….

Huge beams and posts. Very hard to imagine how these buildings have lasted and are still used.

We traveled around a bit from here – visiting the costs, parts remind me a bit of the Pacific coast, rugged (rainy – well mostly misty).

Pieces were very rugged, and then a beautiful sandy beach. In July and August, this area is a big tourist resort area. Have to wait for it to warm up!

St. Malo (the bad Saint???) is an interesting town and close to Dinan on the cost.  A walled city that was occupied by the Germans through most of the war as they have a very nice port.  When the Allies began to make headway from Normandy, almost the entire town was destroyed.  It has been rebuilt and is quite pleasant.  Also the “home” of Cartier (not the jeweler, the sailor) who sailed and settled Quebec

St. Malo is fortified on all sides, has a great port and many small islands off the coast which also had castle fortifications. Until WWI, it was fairly impenetrable.

We did manage to find a very nice car museum on our way to our current “home” in the Loire.  Jim was in heaven. Rooms, and rooms of cars, boats, motors, a few motorcycles.  Many were things we’d never seen before  An impressive collection.

They had quite a collection of F1 race cars and memorabilia. Just one small piece of an impressive collection.

Jim has been very tolerant of all the gardens and flowers.  This is a great time to visit France as it is between the winter time and the summer crowds and the flowers are everywhere.  One of the chateau’s we visited today has quite extensive gardens (as they all do), but a big garden festival where designers create garden vignettes.  As well as that, they commission works  of art in other parts of the grounds.  Very impressive, eclectic and thought provoking.

Love this piece from the commissioned works.  I’ll have to look up the artists again.

A little piece from one of the garden vignettes. Some were very “gardeny”, others all about design and not much about garden, others trying to make a point. This was a piece of a well done display.

I have to mention the limestonec aves in the Loire.  There are miles of caves created in excavating stone for the chateau’s of the Loire.  These ended up then becoming cellars for aging wine.  We visited one today that has over 3 Km of tunnels aging wine.  Other caves are very small, such as our little “troglodyte”  (not sure why they really call them that) room at our B&B.   Very pleasant temperature!

Our little casa.  The door and window to the left are the entrance to the cave which once stored wine for a very small producer.  To the back is a bit deeper into our little cave and the bathroom.

I seem to be collecting pics of Jim and small cars.  So…. in closing, from our car museum visit….


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