The Long Winding Road

Our visit to the Loire was short but wonderful.  We could spend much more time there!  Perhaps a little vacation rental for a bit????   Study French??? A few Chateau’s, our Troglodyte Cave B&B, wonderful food, wine tasting and very interesting gardens.  All in 3 days.  Quite action packed.

I was a bit surprised to see cliffs, but should not have been. Made me feel at home.

On to Sarlat in the Dordogne.  More mountainous, still very lush and many tall cliffs.  We are shocked how many little villages there are.  Living in wide open, dry country, the number of people, the number of villages and the prosperity is a bit mind boggling.

Just one more cure old building!

It is “sad” that one begins to get a little too used to “another cute village” or “another lovely stone building”.  Very relaxing though.

The Dordogne is the “home” of the prehistoric caves.  Many of them are no longer open to the public for preservation reasons.  But!  we managed to visit Font du Gaume, purportedly the best cave still visit-able.  Only about 50 folks per day.  I can’t show you any pics as they don’t allow them.  Quite impressive and moving.

All I can show you is the entrance to Font du Gaume.

Little is known about the people who created these paintings.

Canoeing on the Dordogone; a lovely relaxing day with gorgeous weather.

La Roque-Gageac, an impressive little village we saw from our canoe. a one road town along the river that regularly floods when central France gets heavy rain.

A quick visit to Albi (perhaps the best scenery of the trip along the way from Sarlat to Albi) to see the Toulouse-Latrec museum.  I’ve always liked his work but was really moved by his paintings and drawings.  Much more powerful that I’d expected.

We have now met up with our friends Mark and Jennifer and are on our pinnochette on the Canal-du-Midi.  More on that hopefully tomorrow!



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