Day 3 & 4 – The Canal

Two more days on the canal.   Quite enjoyable.  We are always near the train tracks, road and towns, but you feel as if you are out.  We did spend the night in the port at Castlenaudry with electricity, water, showers (we have them on the boat, but they are wet showers better for spit baths), laundry and a town right there.

The port at Castlenaudry. We are teh 3rd boat on the right.

Day 3: Le Segala – Castelnaudary.  5 locks, one a triple, one a double.  10 KM.   Some chippy chippy (very light rain but not a problem.)  Some wind in the morning but it died down and most of the day was lovely.

Jim was finally off the boat! I was getting ready to head into the lock (after Jim cam back on the boat!)

I took a turn piloting the boat once it calmed.  Not too bad and I did a couple locks.  But, I am still happy to turn the boat back to Jim when the wind comes up.

A pretty scene from the port at Castlenaudry looking the the “great basin” and the quad lock – 4 locks where you go from one lock directly into another.

We had a lovely lunch in Castlenaudry with duck breast, warm goat cheese salad, lovely sausages and foie gras, ….. and then headed oyt for cassoulet for dinner.  Yikes, we only needed 2 salads for the 4 of us and ditto on the cassoulet.  We now have enough for 3 dinners in our boat frig.  But, it was yummy!

Some locks are not manned and you push buttons to operate the locks, Most have a lock keeper that operated the lock. Usually he has a little belt with the controls on his waste.

Day 4:  Castelnaudary – past Bram.  12 locks, one quad, one triple, several doubles plus 4 or 5 singles.  The day started out with the quad lock.  The locks open at 9 am as does the office where you must collect the “held” passport.  Thus, 4 boats race to the lock (which holds 4 boats).  Lock 1, lock 2, lock 3, lock 4.  We’ve cleared the lock.  (Is a quad lock 1 or 4???  We are still trying to figure that out.

We were the last boat into the 1st lock of the quad lock.

There were a bunch of locks; the quad, then a double, then a triple.  We would go from lock to lock, enter, then leave.  It became tedious and so stopped for lunch to let them move ahead.  Much faster to head to a lock solo.

The lock has drained but the canal continues to flow through the closed lock. Sometimes it is rather active.

Weather was nice with a little chippy chippy, … then, it started drizzling, then started raining a bit more.  I was about ready to call it quits, when the weather got better.  Yeah!

In the rainy mode.  We can steer from inside, but we were in the middle of all the locks.


Stopped for the night in the “French toolies”  (read that, a town near by but lots of trees and seemingly private.)  Lovely.  Drinking wine, beer, eating chevre, olives, playing with our devices….  Yikes!  time to stop that!

Lots of interesting boats on the canal.


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  1. If you have a good book on that device then it is fine to play. Sipping wine and reading in a beautiful place, what could be nicer.