A Trial Run

This will be, I believe, my first and hopefully only post without ANY pictures.  We are headed to Southeast Asia tomorrow (leaving this evening to sleep near the airport.)  Why am I posting without pics?  Well, I’ve got a bit of time before we leave for Albuquerque and I want to make sure my tools are working as I am on a different device with an updated  OS and update software for journaling.  So, a quick test.

We are headed to Kuala Lumpur (KL) tomorrow at 6 am (but given the international date line) will be arriving in KL around midnight on the 4th.  Although a long flight (through San Fran and Tokyo) it is not that long.  At least we will be in a window/isle seat so I can sleep on Jim!

When we arrive in KL, we essentially sleep in the airport (we have a room with a bed and shower!) leave the next morning (again very early) for Laos.  A long story.  We found very cheap tickets to KL, bought them and then I began trying to figure out what to do.  I designed a wonderful six week trip that would have take 10 weeks.  So, cut, cut, cut.  Now Laos, then Cambodia, peninsular Malaysia and finally Malaysian Borneo.  Lots of wildlife, birding, history and just being.  We’ve decided this is the scouting trip for SE Asia.

So…. you’ll have to follow along for pictures and escapades of the adventures of Jim and Sylvia in SE Asia.


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