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Ok, it is not that remote.  We’ve been more so.  Before we get to that, a bit more Vientiane, Loas action.  We seem to be learning to have a more relaxed trip.  Don’t ask me how we have.  Slow start on the day.  Planning to take a “took took” (they have different names everywhere) to do some Wat viewing.  First we have to find the silk weaver some folks told us about.  We can’t find it so Jim must have coffee.  Funny that the people who told us about the silk are at the coffee shop.  Jim is happy, as the coffee is excellent and now we know how to find the silk place.

One of the weavers. Very detailed work. 10 cm a day is about all they can complete.

Tour and purchases complete and now we are on the hunt for a store called Big Brother Mouse.  We can’t find it so decide to check out Fruit Heaven for a quick lunch as it is close.  Who is there, the the folks who told us about the silk,.  A nice chat, excellent smoothies and fresh spring rolls later, we never find the store.  So be it.

We cannot put off Wats any longer so we select a took took and hit the road.  We really wish we could get some “instruction”.  We see these places, they are pretty and we have no idea what we are looking at.  Buddha’s, lots of Buddah’s  the woman cutting her long hair, elephants, monkeys, turtles, serpents (we have learned this one, nagi is the word and they are protectors), deer, ….  There are lots of panels with paintings and script we cannot even pretend to decipher, but understand the proverbs/stories occasionally.

A lion/tiger? at the That Luang Tai Temple. This was my favorite stop of the day. Note the sticky rice on his tongue. This was common practice for creatures, the be given rice offerings.

One of hundreds of Buddha’s around the edge of Wat Sisakat. Not sure why some get sashes and others do not.

Buddha with a bit of the amazing background designs found throughout these Wats at Wat Ho Phrakeo.

This wood carving was off in what seemed more like a work area at Wat Ho Phrakeo. I have no idea if it is old but really liked the dinosaur in the carving. They only one I’ve notice.

I just liked this lovely lady and her dragon at Pha That Luang. Lots of breast in Buddhist imagery.

A reclining Buddha at the That Luang Tai Temple near the Pha That Luang in Vientiane.. I particularly like the recliners for some reason.

We’ll keep working on this as I only vaguely know the story of Buddha but nothing of the surrounding parts.

We were ready for a glass of wine after so much Beer Lao (the local tasty beer), and it turns out there are several decent wine bars in Vientiane.   Lovely couple glasses of Rose with a lovely charcuterie plate and we were good.  Oh, a little nightcap and ice cream was required from the 2nd floor patio bar at our hotel.  A lovely, slow day.

Today, lets see this is Thursday, we have flown to Hoay Xai.  We are in the northwest corner of Laos in Bokeo Provence to catch a long boat to Luang Prabang.  A two day boat trip with an over night stay in a town called Pak Bang.  Hoay Xai is a bit more rustic (well a lot) that Vientiane.

Teaching the hotel guests how to use a western toilet.

Out hotel is basic but nice and overlooks the Mekong and the boat dock/storage.  These slow boats are rather odd, but we’ll talk more of that in another post.  We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the boats and the commercial dock  this afternoon which is a bunch of small boats moving goods.

The boat and river view from our room.

Enough for tonight.  I really need to post daily.  We’ll see!

A parting shot from Vientiane. Not sure what these women were selling – perhaps some sort of lottery tickets? She was clearly the most interesting of all that I saw.


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  1. Those boats are just really interesting to me-there was one in your FB post also. So did you travel on a similar one for your boat trip? The reclining Buddha picture is particularly lovely