A New Anchor

Rincon Feliz has two anchors on the bow pulpit. Captain Bernie thought is very important to have one be much bigger so we can sleep well at night. The old “good one” is 60 pounds or so Delta. The new better one is an 88 pound Rocna. The come in stainless, but we are not paying for stainless. Just as with house cleaning, folks have been.working on their boats. Supplies are limited. Shockingly, even to Bernie who seems to have every connection, we ordered the new 88 pound anchor 2 day Amazon Prime. We all agreed to try it, and it arrived today on Saturday delivery!

The anchor arrived 2-day, on a Saturday at the Marina office. We were all shocked. Like the packing? Well, it does goes in and out of the water, so I guess it is ok.

Now, to install it. Drop the old anchor in the water with a line attached. Drag it to the dock, remove the old anchor from the chain and attach the new one.

The anchor is ready to move to the water and to the bow pulpit.

And, now almost on the boat. We have an electric windless that pulls and releases the anchor. Thank God we don’t have to pull it ourselves. It could pull a much heavier anchor.

Almost home.

Somewhere along the way, or tomorrow, we’ll trade out the “third anchor” for the one we took off.

Lots if other little pieces of progress and resolving yesterdays lack of progress. Our home is still a disaster with new finds, positive and negative each day.

I’m trying to post right now from my phone as quick pics come from there. Speed things up…. maybe.

Now, we need food!


A New Anchor — 2 Comments

  1. So very cool. Glad the rain has given you and the Dragon space rocket too a break.

  2. Thanks for pics & news. I’m so happy for you as well as envious. Hope you don’t have trouble with any hurricanes.