Send Me Down to Houston

Finally, after a really hard 2018 (up for grabs whether 2010 or 2018 was the hardest year we have ever had) Jim and I are finally on the road again. We are sooooo ready, we can hardly stand it. It has taken a few days to get the hang of it and relax, but I think we are getting there. This trip starts with a car trip to Houston. First night, Brownfield, TX. Nothing specific there, but a hotel room and friendly people after some errands in Albuquerque and a good visit with our friends Jimmy and Crystal Allison in Roswell, NM along the way.

Some good birding already. A lovely Ladder-back Woodpecker very close enjoying the tree.

Lots of white tailed deer. Many of them were not very afraid. They *should* be more afraid of people.

Those pretty little flowers. Tons of bluebells and paintbrush as well.

Next day, we found we were in wildflower country (yeah!) and had a lovely drive through the hills to Fredericksburg exploring towns and backroads along with way. The only way to travel. A pass through Luckenbach (of Walyon and Willie and the Boys fame) is always fun. There seemed to be a Cobra convention with maybe 15 or so hanging around, each lining up to have their pic taken in front of the Post Office.

One of the many Cobras. in Luckenbach and on the road near by. Pretty cars!

We bought sandwiches for the drive down to Houston at Opa’s in Fredericksburg. Lunch by the lovely Guadalupe River (below Canyon Lake). Below a dam, the rivers in Texas are much prettier as massive flooding is controlled!

And the trees below the dam were quite interesting.

We are now the western outskirts of Houston, to the west for a couple days. Synced with our friend Leesa from Santa Fe on her yearly trailer sojourn. We went in search of the elusive and highly endangered Atwater Prairie Chicken (only about 250 around). Alas, we did not see, not hear any. Dang! We needed to be here next weekend for the Festival where the take you out to their display and breeding grounds for an upfront and intrusive visit. But, the environment was lovely and peaceful and, the birding was OK, but the spiderwebs were spectacular!

So many spider webs. It was quite foggy a bit earlier in the morning so the webs were covered with dew drops.

After seeking out a BBQ lunch that could not be beat and stumbling upon the home of Blue Blue Ice Cream in Brenham (well, one must take a tour and sample), we were totally stuffed and wandered our way home. A long walk through forest and we are tucked in for the night.

Tomorrow? Houston for visit Vincent and other great artists in town for a visit. Then down to Galveston for a few days.

The paintbrush are gorgeous right now. Big spreads mixed with blue bonnets in some places.

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