On the Water Again

After what seemed like preparation for an around the world trip, I was assured a week would turn into 4 months if we were doing a trans ocean voyage, we set sail (or power) today. We motored about 60 statuate miles today. Remember, I said this boat was slow? It is.

A pic underway from the cockpit. Will work on video….

Before leaving, we stopped at the poop dock. Most civilized I’ve ever seen.

Sylvia doing the pump out. Really.

I took the helm and got us out of our dock, to the poop dock and out into the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway).

This is not a setup shot. I really was busyvexitingva small Passage from the marina. We wear headphones with mikes for docking procedures. So much easier than yelling.

A big activity, docking and casting off. Jim did this day before yesterday when we went on our sea trail before heading out. Doing well, we think,

Tomorrow will be a longer day than today. Maybe 80 miles. Starting at 7 as opposed to 9. Ug! We must make tracks to get north to keep the insurance guys happy for hurrucane season.

You should be able to follow along our track at https://maps.findmespot.com/s/3FCK . This is the breadcrumbs of our path.

I had to add the pick of our new anchor which arrived 2-day from Amazon. Everyone was surprised.

And so amazing, pics of Sylvia. All courtesy of Bernie, our captain.


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  1. WooHoo. Am indeed following you on the tracker. Thank Captain Bernie for the pictures but don’t forget get Jim hahaha! ?