A Little City Time

Yesterday we visited the Houston Art Museum. Our goal was to see the Van Gogh exhibit there. I LOVE Van Gogh! It was enjoyable as always with lots of good commentary on technique and the development of Van Gogh’s style through time. No “Sunflowers” but the “Iris’” made up for it! As much as I love Van Gogh, there happened to be a Sally Mann exhibit there as well. I’ve never really followed Sally Mann much; she is a photographer from Virginia who many people may only know as the person who photographed her children, sometimes nude which was quite controversial in the 90’s. Her focus has always been on her Virginia life as she has explore her roots and the consequences of the history of Virginia and the south including slavery, segregation and race relations. Her approach is quite unique and moving. I was blown away with the exhibit. If you are in Houston in the next month, don’t miss it!

No pics as I rarely take pics in a museum even when allowed. So, instead, I’ll post the pic from the other day of Jim tasting ice cream at Blue Bell Ice Cream. Ha!

Man, that is good ice cream!

Ok, the Astros were in town and playing. We did not go to the game, but could see it on the jumbo-tron while waiting in traffic to get out of downtown. We did not have dogs but had a lovely dinner downtown with lots of varieties of mole. Yum! All the traffic, the Astros won 6 to 0 so folks were leaving early.

Today was a rainy day, so as we moved from Houston to Galveston, we stopped at the Johnson Space Center. Always fun to visit these places and relive the space program and the triumphs. We did get to see the control room which was used for Shuttle missions and is now used for training. 6 months training and then you might get to actually work in the control room. We could only see video of the live action of those monitoring the International Space Station.

The Control Center Used for the Shuttle program.

And live action in the Control Center for the International Space Station

Lots of talk about Orion, the mission to Mars and its planning and development. Lots to learn and understand as the mission is 6 months to get there, a year on Mars and 6 months back. With some luck, it may happen in my live time. Hoping….., as humans walking on Mars is not schedules until 2030 or 2040.

Ok, wrong space object, wrong program and the suits will be very different. This is the moon, but it gives the idea…. I just thought it was cool!

We did get to visit another Shuttle, Independence along with it’s 747 buddy. Although I’ve seen several Shuttles, Columbia when it landed at White Sands in New Mexico, and Endeavor in Los Angeles, it was interesting to be able to go into the Shuttle and a 747 used for piggyback.

Independence with her 747. It turns out that this shuttle is a replica of Explorer and never flew a mission.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and mild temps so we are hoping to do some kayak trails around Galveston. Here’s hoping the mosquitoes do no win!

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