Slowboat to Myrtle Beach

Well, not all the way to Myrtle Beach today. Back on the ICW which I mostly like better as there is more to see. The open ocean allows you to make tracks, but except for an occasional boat or bouy, it is just water. Very zen out there.

Yesterday we spent the day in Charleston. Anchored out the night before and then came into the marina last night. Lots of small boats, but man oh man, some big mothers. Private boats.

jim showing off a private mega ya ht fender.
Once you walk the quarter mile to the mega yacht dock, it is a quarter mike to the end where they tucked us in behind a mega yacht. No, we are not mega. There was just a little hole in which we fit.

We did some laundry, on the boat, Jim and Bernie fixed some things, we went to Lowes fir parts and for groceries and had some South Carolina BBQ. Weust have not found the right place. Not impressed. Wanted to try the SC mustard BBQ sauce. It tasted like yellow mustard. Ok, will have to try another place when we get back this way.

This evening, in Bull Creek. I wanted to provide a video from along the ICW, but having trouble uploading. So, a sunset view.

Good night! The days are long……..


Slowboat to Myrtle Beach — 2 Comments

  1. Beautiful! I had noticed the long walk in the marina. You couldn’t have been further out! So question-how often do you have to refuel?

  2. Have yet to refuel. Have gone nearly 575 nm and have used about 300 gallons of our 1000. So, we don’t have to fuel before VA if we don’t want to. But,prices are going up so will probably top up.