The Bears

We are back in the US, arrived yesterday morning. Cruising Texas for a few days on our way home. The afternoon we were leaving Antigua, the setup began for United Buddy Bears. This project is “promoting living together in peace and harmony.” How could one not support this! There are 140 bears, each painted by an artist from a different country. The bears started their world tour in 2002 and have been traveling the world since then.

Not sure who’s bear this is, but I loved the designs.

The art work varies so much as does the culture of our world.

The bears stand hand in hand representing the unity of people and cultures.

I love the concept of bears and being hand in hand.

You can see crates in front of the bears. They were still unloading bears when we were there.

So many bears, so many cultures.

The setup was just happening when we saw the big boxes on the Antigua plaza. We stopped to see what was happening and got to see many of the bears. We could not get too close, but did manage to get a tiny “behind the plastic barrier” tour by one of the German organizers. A wonderful concept and project.

The bears were still being set up and labeled. Thus, we could only see them from a bit of distance.

Unfortunately, although there is a US bear (the artist is from Alaska), there are not current plans for the bears to come to the US. Seems there are issues with getting the insurance needed or some other red tape in bringing the exhibit to the US. So very sad. I hope this will change as I found the project and seeing the bears quite emotionally moving.P

The US bear, made in Alaska.

The 140 bears are lined up along one street in the Antigua plaza facing each other and also in the gardens in the plaza.

Peace and love to you!

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