Baby It’s Hot Out There

After a year remodeling our house and working through the illness and death of Jim’s Dad, we took a trip to Quebec to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary which was in May No, I wrote nothing in my journal for that trip which was excellent! It was just a relaxing escape. Home for a bit, visits with relatives and two short trips to Colorado with them and we are now on the road again

Saw this reworked VW today. It really is that skinny.

The opportunity arose to spend some time on our friends 52′ motor yacht in the waters between Vancouver Island and the rest of British Columbia. How could we not do it! Airfare to Campbell River BC, pretty pricey and flying to Seattle or Vancouver and then taking the bus and or ferries was just too complex. So, pack up the camper, a 3 day blast to Campbell River. First night in Helper, Utah; second night in Caldwell, Idaho; and the third night, will be near Fall City Washington. Then the fourth day, cross into Canada, catch the ferry from Tsawwassen BC to Nanaimo BC (on Vancouver Island) and head north to Campbell River to met our friends. But, I get a head of myself. We are in Caldwell and at 6:30 it has cooled down to 96 degrees. That is just too darn hot! It was not that hot in Moab when we went through.

The scenery around Moab never gets old.

So, sitting in the camper with the AC on, hoping it will cool a bit more. We are in an “RV Resort” and so even have a tiny pad of grass. Wow! Not our typical travel mode, but close to the highway, where we need to be for our 500 mile day.

No stops or pleasure in the driving part, just driving. So a couple pics taken while in route. I hope I’ll have an opportunity to share some pics of more interest when we get to BC.

Such interesting patterns and varied colors


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