Ship Ahoy – August 8

Thursday Morning:

We are boating now! We cam aboard last evening (Wednesday) at Campbell River, about half way up Vancouver Island on the inland side. Still at the marina, but heading out today. She should be out for 7 days. Hoping to see whales, gorgeous scenery and some interesting new birds as well as learning lots about boating; getting some ideas of likes and dislikes. So happy to be done with the driving, 4 days of 500 mile days in the camper are loooooong!

The Rock n Ocean, a 52 foot Ocean Alexander. Our home away from home.

Debbie and Doug, our hosts, at the fly-bridge.

Last evening we had a lovely dinner on the boat of fresh caught shrimp, a little ocean beef…. ho wait, that came from the grocery store!, air cooked potatoes and some yummy grilled bell peppers. Nice that Doug and Debbie are health eaters. It makes it so much easier!

A nice totem in the shopping area near the Marina in Campbell River.

Thursday Afternoon:

We have intermittent cell signal, so I’ll be writing a bit and then posting as able. We’ve motored to a lovely, quite cove on Read Island, West of Campbell River a Couple of Islands. We are on is not a speed boat, although I imagine the engines are such that it can move it out, if one is willing to spend big bucks. Otherwise, one pus along at about 8 – 10 knots (8 – 11 MPH). Definitely a putt.

We stopped en-route to check out a couple of “birdy” spots. Not lots of birds, but we have seen a bald eagle pair with a fledgling, 2 tufted puffins (not reported here, but I’m confident), black oystercatchers, a belted kingfisher and a Northwest Crow. A listing that makes me happy!

We also had to bring in the shrimp traps which Doug and Debbie set yesterday before picking us up. They were full of LOTS of shrimp. Jim helped with de-heading, and cleaning activities and we are set for a yummy shrimp dinner again tonight. Traps reset, using cat food. Go figure

The first haul

The prawns don’t really want to go into the bucket.

An extra float helps to bring the basket from 300 feet down.

Really pretty Spot Prawns. The are amazing small after being cleaned up.

A very relaxing, lazy day. I could deal with it being slightly warmer. It is sunny and if out of the breeze, it is warm. But, I am still wearing long sleeves. I’m sure we’ll not be here long enough to adjust to the temps.

Jim and Doug have now gone off to do some fishing and to teach Jim to drive the dingy. Maybe we’ll have fish for dinner as well.

Doug and Jim off for a training session in boat driving and fishing.

But, Debbie and I have the big boat…. Ha!

Thursday Late Afternoon:

Jimbo and his fish!

The boys have returned. They caught some sort of rock fish! Jim’s first fishing venture in probably 25 years.

Bird Cove this morning (Friday). Completely calm.

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