Will it Make Noise?

Before I move to the focus of this post, I must tell you about last evening.  It had cooled off and I wanted to check the new plants in the garden.  No one in their right mind would plant right now with 90+ degree temps and the rain missing our house for the past 45 days.  But, I am on a mission and no one has ever told me I was sane.  So, plant I did.

Gin and tonic in hand, Jim and I head out to check the plants.  Not surprisingly, they need a drink (no, not an G & T.)  To the hose.  Bend down to turn on the faucet.  Jump back.  Snake. In the shade, stretched out along the wall, under the faucet.  Scan snake.  No rattles.  Bull Snake.  Relief.  Jim comes to see the snake.  Jim has to play with snakes.  Provoked, snake heads for the mulch and compost bags in the corner.  Upon seeing the snake, out jumps the startled pack rat who heads for Jim.  Upon seeing Jim, the startled pack rat heads under a planter.  The wildlife really like our house.

[I must provide an update on the pack rat.  Today I went out to look for the snake but did not find him.  However, I found a little furry 2-inch tail.  I mentioned this to Jim who informed me that when the pack rat ran away, he noticed it’s tail looked very red.  Must be the snake got a bite on the pack rats tail and managed to pull the fir off. Ain’t that gruesome!]

Now, to the crux of the matter.  Can Jim get the 1927 BSA S27 Deluxe motorcycle he has been so diligently working on since April to start?  I’ll let the video do most of the talking today.  Yes, it did start… Definitely still needs work, but that is no surprise.  For those that want the highlights, here is the “yeah!” video (minute and 57 sec).

For those who are gluttons for punishment, need all the details or are motorcycle or garage junkies, below is the whole unadulterated sequence of videos leading up to the first pop.

First, we took the “add fuel and we hope it will start” approach.

Then, we changed out the float bowl on the carburetor in an attempt to stop the gush of gas.

No such luck, so we turned off the gas and checked the spark.

Spark is good, but now we don’t have fuel.  Carburetor cleaner will solve that problem!

We know we have spark, but don’t trust the plug.  So, a different plug and a tie wrap to hold the cap in place as the plug and cap don’t match.  What the heck, we just want to see if it will run.

It must need more fuel.  Give is a good does of carburetor cleaner.

And there you have it.  Back to the very first video and the bike makes noise!  Obviously, lots of work to do such that it will start on first kick.  Fix the fuel problem.  Fix the spark plug/cap compatibility. Retard the timing by some unknown amount.  If that were all that needed to be done, it would not be too bad.  However, there is still Jimmy’s bike to get together, as if this one were done! Also, the unknowns that are a big issue. The arrive every day.  Who cares that Jim has never ridden this bike or any other bike this old.  There are 3000 miles in the future to get used to it.  25 days until we load and leave!

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