I Love Little Baby Ducks

It’s true. It’s also true I’ve never met a baby anything I didn’t like. In honor of Valentines Day I thought I’d talk about the things I love. Jim gets top billing, but I don’t know a catchy song lyric that fits Jim, so baby ducks got pseudo top billing. Funny that I don’t have a tune for Jim as I usually have one in my head for every situation.

Lots of things to love – my family, all flowers, snuggling up with a kitty on my lap, sunrises (I usually only see these via light on the clouds while laying in bed), sunsets, mountains, clouds, and listening to music while catnapping – well really just listening to music, but catnaps are a special subcategory. A good book, building fires (I relegate them to fireplaces and campfires), laughing (I need to do this more often), the sound of waves, and entering a room full of the smells of cooking.

How could I forget the moment when a pilot gives full throttle to the engines, an airplane begins to move down the runway; feeling the force of the movement. You then lift into the air and are of f to another world. I never fail to marvel at this wonder.

Having lots of opportunities for this marvel lately. Although barely home from Ecuador – less than a month – we are headed to Florida for 10 days to celebrate Jim’s parents birthdays. Happy Birthday Liz and Bob!! They are both February babies – same year 11 days apart. A Crain family vacation – Jim’s first family vacation since high school graduation and a special treat for Jim’s parents. They winter in Florida and thus we are off to visit there mini-casa and do some tourist stuff around the state.

More things to love… birds chirping first thing in the morning, the patterns of light throwing a shadow, and tucking into bed at the end of a wonderful day. And it is that time. 3:40 rise this morning for out trip back east. Time for a little snuggle in bed.