Mom and Dad - Sept 1979

Mom and Dad - September 1979


My Father passed away last Wednesday – one year and a few weeks after Mom.  He was not ready to go; his mind was strong but his body just gave out.  He missed Mom greatly, but was active in many things and was looking forward to new adventures.

We all start with two parents.  I was lucky enough to have two caring, loving parents who always challenged me, encouraged me to try whatever intrigued me, and always believed in and supported my dreams.  They were always there for me.  It is so surreal being an “orphan.”  I have four wonderful brothers and sisters, but it is just not the same without Mom and Dad.

Jim and I flew back from Quito on Friday and will be here for a couple of weeks.  We had considered just coming back and not finishing this journey, but Dad would not have been happy.  He was excited about our adventure and always loved to travel himself.  Both my parents had the wanderlust gene and I got it in spades.  As we have a house sitter, we are staying at Mom and Dad’s; a place I have never lived (even for a night) without one or the other there.  A very strange experience the first night but ultimately cathartic.  My parents purchased this house before I was born; it is our family “homestead”.

When I set up this journal I said that I’d be brief on words and will be.  Way too hard to express my feelings in words.