Wednesday Evening Sailing

May 11, 2022

I don’t know if this happens everywhere, by Maryland has a tradition of Wednesday evening sailing. Either on your own boat or a club boat, groups of folks gather and sail in various classes around buoys set up out in the bay. Those buoys along with crab pots can make getting into harbors difficult sometimes.

We arrived on Wednesday about mid-day and got situated at our slip in Annapolis. Around 7, we began to see small sailboats passing us. We’d hear a horn and their boat number called. The finish line was just past our boat, right next to a bascule bridge. Tight quarters for ending a race, but most of the boats were slipped right in that area. Then more boats, and more and bigger boats. This continued until sunset.

We had a lovely view from our cockpit, sipping wine and having a few appetizers. What a lovely unexpected introduction to Annapolis.

First the smaller boats with just two persons.
It was quite a parade of these little boats. I don’t believe they have engines and thus, one really has to KNOW how to sail.
I don’t know my sailboat types. I call these balloon boats as the front sail reminds me of a hot air balloon.
This class had the prettiest sails by far. Each unique.
It started to get rather crowded as these boats came in. They are bigger and seemed to be a bit more aggressive.
After reaching the finish line, just past us, they had to turn around to head to their slips. Thus, boats traveling in both directions.
It was interesting to see the boats loose the wind in the forward sails. Sometimes they would even flop a bit into the water. Some of the boats were quite relaxed with folks just hanging their legs over the edge having a good time. These bigger boats had from 7 – 10 crew.
This boat was right next to us. They were using a different path to the finish line. They were so close we could have almost touched them.
After the racing is done, they bring in all the race pilons.
The slow race. Some of the last boats in. They were having fun though which is all that matters.

Today, Friday morning, it has been raining. Sailboats going out, buoy boat going out. At least some boats are going to race today. They are much hardier than I!