Darn! It is hard to get a footing

We are having a grand time, but the tempo is challenging.  Not too fast really, but we lollygag and then need to catch up.  Then we land at our new “home” (or “human nest” as I learned Van Gogh said) and by the time we finish dinner, we are ready for bed at 10 or so.  (Did I mention it is light at 9 PM? We are not used to that in New Mexico at this time of year.)  So……

We are situate in Bayeux (Normandy) for 3 days now – ready for a break.  Visiting D-Day sites, tapestries, etc.  A lovely day previous at Monet’s garden and in a lovely sea-side town.  So, frankly, I’ve not really even looked much at my photos, so a quick review of some images with text.


  • We have been able to speak more Spanish than we would have thought, having run into folks who speak Spanish.  But, doing the working tasks of traveling…. not of much use.
  • Language is frustrating, but we are getting bolder and more relaxed.  Slowly learning, again, to not sweat not knowing the language (it was not a problem at all in the Netherlands.)  A little French (very little), some Spanish and some English with a smile.
  • I really like France more than I might have thought I would.  Beautiful and varied.   The food is terrific (not surprising), the people are welcoming (not as much as Mexico!, but very nice!) and the flowers are gorgeous!

The kitchen in Monet’s home. It is an interesting way, his home reminded me of Frieda Kahol’s. An very unique sensibility. Can’t completely place it yet. There is a certain sort of home these two had….

And what is Monet’s home without water lilies. Interesting that the main gardens are very structured, but the flowers mostly very free-form.

The mouth of the Seine. It has traveled many miles from Paris to the lovely town of Honfleur.

The architecture in Honfleur and Normandy is quite interesting. Our B&B (not this building, but this style) dates from the 1600’s???? Timber-frame construction. Amazing the still stand at all.

These washers and dryers were outside, next to the “regular” grocery store. A first for me.

The port at Honfleur (Bieux Bassin). They pulled a chain across the basin to keep the bad guys out. (Can’t keep track of who the bad guys were. Samuel de sailed from there is 1603… a few years ago.

Did I mention it is 11:51 PM…  Time for bed.  D-Day beaches tomorrow.


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