Sooooo Calm

Crossing the North landing River in North Carolina.  It SEEMS it would be easy, it is just a river. Right?  But, a narrow channel of maybe 50 – 60 feet wide (which seems wide. Try passing a barge) with depths on either side that would ground us. It was so calm. Mesmerizing. One felt we were not moving.

So different than when we crossed in June. Very rough and raining. Jim, driving at the time had a challenging time keeping in the channel.

Nik is coming around. She is not so ready to see all that water, but, she is coming out of the master state room and spent a good portion of the day on the bridge with us.


Sooooo Calm — 2 Comments

  1. Sweet Nik, so nice to see her out in the daylight ? rather just as a lump under the covers