New Bern, North Carolina

Once we are stopped, I fall down in my responsibilities of writing. I start getting little notes from folks asking what is happening. I then know I am remiss in my responsibilities. We arrived in New Bern on Friday. It seemed like it would be an interesting town and we have a friend who lives (lived) here. Turns out she move to Tennessee between June and now. Dang! Bummer for not seeing her, but New Bern is an interesting, quaint, old town, and Jim and I both have ancestors from the 1600 and 1700’s who lived in this area. Nope, mine were later so I don’t think we mixed.

Lots of pretty streets and snickleways here. New Bern was founded in the 1600’s, so lots of history.

Getting to New Bern

We had a very easy putt up to New Bern on the Neuse River. Just as you get to New Bern, you cross under a tall, double bridge, turn to port, go through a movable bridge and bingo, you are at the marina. Yeah! Winds were calm. We had a less than perfect docking in windy setting this summer and are still a little gun shy of docking in the winds. We approach the movable bridge and call on channel 13 as expected. It was 12:27. Not detailed in the electronic charts; this bridge opens on the hour and half hour. We are lolling along at our typical 8 knots and will not make the 12:30 opening at that speed, but we don’t have much more ump. We open up to our max of 2400 RPMs and are pushing to 9 knots. That is the most we can do without a current or wind.

The infamous bridge.

The bridge tender does hold the bridge for a minute or two and we get through. Meanwhile, while talking to the bridge tender on the radio, Jim is also calling the marina via phone to see where we need to dock. Right in front of us. We ease into the dock, have a good landing, the fenders are attached, but on the INSIDE of the boat. Thrust out, deploy the fenders and we are there! Oh, and in all of this, the low oil alarm starts beeping intermittently. It is still to be sorted but apparently this is not unusual when you are wide open and cut back quickly. The oil level reads fine. There is this open question however of how much oil we should have added. Perhaps the oil alarm sender is bad… Jim is now talking directly with John Deere to try and understand this. We have an unusual pan/dipstick combo.

A sign on the wall beside the reindeer asked you not to feed it as they have trouble flying if they eat too much.

Christmas in New Bern

There is lots of Christmas cheer here. There are pretty lights, many boats are decorated, as is the town. It does not seem overblown, just a nice holiday feel. And, lots of cute shops to browse. The night before last, there was a big fireworks display we watched from the pilot house. No idea the reason, but it was pretty. So, very different than the other towns we’ve visited so far via boat.

Santa in a skinny phase.

The weather was nice the day we arrived, and we did a scouting walkabout. The next day was glorious! We spent the day enjoying the town and found a restaurant with outdoor seating for lunch. The food was good and the sun was nice. Such a luxury!

There are still some butterflies around town!

Genealogy and Chores

Yesterday was rainy. We seem to get a couple days of decent weather and then a couple days of drizzle. A bit more cloudy weather than I like, but I guess one must adjust. I used the day to research Jim’s New Bern ancestors on my computer. I really need to figure out if Jane is a Green or had another last name. If a Green, her father was quite a prominent man in this area. We may have to make a visit to the local library or historical society. Even though Jane is hard to track, my Tyree/Tyre/Tyler may be harder. I’ve yet to dig into this now that I’m in the “homeland.” We also pumped up boat fenders and did some light house cleaning (a new Sunday chore.)

A little drum and fife corp roaming around town playing.

What About Christmas?

Today we may rent a car and go a bit farther afield, exploring the area. Or, we may wait until tomorrow when the weather is supposed to be sunny! Yeah!!! Now, what to have for Christmas dinner? We’re thinking of maybe making posole, or maybe enchiladas, or get ready, maybe tamales if I can find masa. One can do these things on a boat. Jim found a Mexican market so, we’ll check it out and see what we can find. We’ll likely stay here through Christmas then head to Beaufort (in NC pronounced bow-fort) for a few days.

If you have not noticed, I’ve now added a map showing our travels. Look in the headers under Where is Rincon Feliz. It is searchable but not realtime. One needs to use the SPOT trace direct link for that. I hope this is a new fund way to see where we’ve been.

Have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy all that you have; and we all have so much.

Merry Christmas!


New Bern, North Carolina — 3 Comments

  1. There were ancestors or Roberts up in Virginia, but we did not have a chance to research them much while there. Although, the Peacocks came through the Albemarle. Another trip! If nothing else, it forces me to try and sort out what I know and don’t know and in a few cases, find some new local info. Those Crains are Carolina folks although I don’t have much costal stuff figured out yet.

  2. Mmmmmm you’re making me hungry. Enjoy your travels and yes we should all be thankful for our blessings.