Summertime Sleeping

Chicha napping in the pilothouse.

Chicha is the example, but this is very much the sleeping position for us as well as the kittens. It was warm the last couple nights..  We’ve had several days of cool weather, mid 70’s! It apparently happens after a tropical storm. But, warming up again and last evening may have been the last night of open windows and no generator/AC Bummer.

We’ve had three nights at anchor which was lovely. I much prefer swinging on the hook. Much more peaceful. Minimal if any cell service, so makes us live more kindly and gently.

Our anchorage from 2 nights ago.  Several local shrimpers dock in our cove.

Long days getting north, yesterday we were officially north of Hatteras which makes our insurance happy.   The pics from last night are in the “real” camera, so you have to wait.  Oh, so are the dolphins from 2 nights ago.  They will have to wait too! 

Today crossing the Albermerle Sound. Quite smooth and calm, unlike our 1st trip north. The Alligator River just south of us was also quite calm so we were able to recalibrate our autopilot. When we bought the boat, it was incredibly accurate. After rebuilding the rudder, replacing the shaft and resurfacing the prop, and moving a bunch of stuff into the guest stateroom, we had cross track errors of 20 degrees. Way to much! We have recalibrate twice before and it was better, but not good enough.

Look at that error! 1 Degree!

It turns out that the magnetic flux compas for the autopilot is mounted under the floor of the guest stateroom on the aluminum water tank, right under a cabinet of built in drawers that held, a metal sewing box full of metal sewing tools, a Nambe nativity set, a bunch of brass fitting and a big pex crimping tool. Move all that stuff away, and the autopilot calibrated beautifully. A very sensitive compass.

I’ll endeavor to get the pics off the big camera and post again soon.


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