We Are Playing!

Finally, our primary focus seems to be enjoying ourselves. Well, that is not fair as working on the boat does bring some level of pleasure. But, all work and no play makes dull people. We are also boating in virgin territory for us which brings us great pleasure.

This lighthouse was moved from Drum Point, close to the entrance to the the Patuxent River which leads to the Solomons.

We spent a few days in Solomons. Our first foray into Maryland on the boat. Not very far from Deltaville where we had been, but moving north. Lots of interesting things to see here, a very nice maritime museum with good history of the Chesapeake fishing history, local recreational boating and lighthouse history.

Jim loved the outboard motor display. Some very interesting ones. I lived this pseudo jet engine which is fueled by methanol.

While is the Solomons, we waited out Tropical Storm Elsa. In reality, the night it came through, we had very little rain and although there was some wind, I slept through it. Not very exciting. Yeah! But, the next evening, a regular thunderstorm was much more exciting for about 45 minutes, but not scary. Check it out!

We were glad we were tucked in here. Not as rocky as our dock in December in New Bern; actually the water was calm. The marina chose to not accept any additional reservations after ours. Not sure why.

The next day we went to the Annemarie Sculpture Garden. They had some amazing art exhibits inside, one with works made with paper which we really love. Lots of talent and amazingly eclectic. And lots of outdoor sculpture, much of it from the Hirschhorn Museum.

Much of the sculpture was bronze, but I loved this driftwood Rhino.
Not at the Garden but at our boat. Another Rhino, a Rhinoceros Beatle we were told by the NOAA boat docked across the way.

An enjoyable walk although a bit (really) hot and humid.

Jim enjoying the cool air in the museum. He likes wearing a mask as he does not have to worry about his smile. Basically the only place we have been that strongly suggested a mask. Otherwise, if vaccinated, no mask required.

We enjoyed our visit to Solomons and really relished riding our bicycles everywhere. Getting sufficient exercise on a boat takes LOTS of effort and focus. We are not expending the effort, nor focus required.

On to Edgewater Maryland. Not terribly much father north. This is really a burb of Annapolis and the home of our friends Joe Boyle and Christina Fischer. Jim and Joe were in the same class at Sandia High School in Albuquerque (and I was 2 years behind them) so we’ve known Joe a long time. Joe and Christy have owned multiple boats including a big 50 foot catamaran which they sailed to Europe, spending 4 or 5 years living on it in the Mediterranean home schooling their daughters. Then back across the Atlantic and to Mexico for a few years. Now THAT is an exciting life. It was great to catch up and talk boats and life in general.

Joe and Christy have dock space for us that JUST fits Rincon Feliz with maybe a foot and a half to spare on either side. But, we made it into the slip on the 1st try! Across the way is a YMCA camp, so no neighbors there. Cool!

It is hard to see in the pic above, but there was an osprey nest on the piling on the starboard side of Rincon. We did take out a few twigs getting into the slip. And, the osprey only came back once while we were there. But, during that one visit….

Taken from the pilot house. The bikes are on the right. We could reach out and touch the nest easily.
The nest from the cockpit. It WAS close. Fun, fun!
I am not doing well at getting people photos. Christy was off for a hike by the time we left yesterday, so I only got a pic of Joe as we were getting ready to pull lines and head north to Havre de Grace.

We are now in Havre de Grace (that is pronounced “hav-er de grace”). More on that in my next post. But, know that we are on a roll having fun!

I always like to end with a pretty pic. Found at the Annemarine Sculpture Garden in Solomons


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  1. So cool, the Osprey that is, though the rain was cool in a different way. Send some rain here please. We are getting some but need more!

  2. Beautiful sculpture. Love the osprey. Glad you’re getting to have some fun. We’ve gotten 9” of rain since Memorial Day. Everything is green all the way to ABQ. Water standing in places I have never seen.