Remember all the work we did to drop the mast, take down the bimini and move the dinghy? A boat in front of us did some careful measurements with a tape measure going under a bridge to figure out just how much clearance they really had. Good idea! We did the same and our guesstimate of 16′ 1 ” to the top of the bimini (when it is down) is actually 14′ 9″ A lot more room to work with!

Here is a video of us going under a 20 foot bridge. Still not a lot of extra height to work with, but enough. It is still a bit nerve wracking each time. We got under a 17 foot bridge. We don’t know of course for sure what the real pool level was for the water. A video for entertainments sake along the Champlain Canal.


Bridges — 6 Comments

  1. Well, yes and no. I figured I could do it and trusted the Dockmaster thought the opening was big enough. I just hoped I’d not hit anything. We were going quite slow so if we did touch the damage would be minimal to none.

  2. Ooops! I thought you were talking about the lock gate. Should have looked before responding. We had done many bridges closer to this heights, so we were pretty confident. If we really thought we’d not make it under this bridge, I’d have been watching, not filming. Note, I have to video or pics of the tricky spots of water getting into locks. I was busy driving.

  3. I thought your first response was a bit cavalier, Sylvia, but your second response makes it more understandable. It initially seemed to me when you said “We were going quite slow …” it felt more like the second stanza of Motorboat, Motorboat, you know, the “go so fast” part 😉

  4. Beautiful water. You and Jim are the most capable friends I have. I have complete confidence in your abilities. Keep posting.