Swimming Creatures

Jim and I are back down the Hudson and in New York City. More on that in another post. Today, I have a simple post. A few days ago, heading down the Hudson, near Stuyvesant, New York, Jim sees something funny in the water. He thinks it’s dolphins, but they don’t come up this far. On closer inspection, we see to does swimming across the Hudson.

At this point in the Hudson, it is a quarter of a mile wide, 36 feet deep and se have a half knot current. Luckily there was not a lot of boat traffic, but barges do ply this part of the river. They cannot and would not stop for deer.

We had no idea deer could swim so well. If anyone had asked us if they could swim the Hudson at this point, we’d have said no. Without further ado, here are the swimming deer.

Ae were quite concerned about our new found friends. Would they really make it all the way across. The seemed to be swimming strongly, but a bit disconcerted by our boat.

There they are on shore! Amazingly, I thought they’d be all tuckered out. They kicked up their hind legs and galivanted around swishing their little white tails!

Amazing creatures!


Swimming Creatures — 3 Comments

  1. Really cool. I remember when we went on the family Alaska cruise and saw a elk swimming in the middle of Glacier Bay. It was astounding. Do you remember that?