The First Taste

Clouds between Houston and Panama City

The Calm

Ah, the first taste of a foreign country when starting a trip.  The gringa. Perhaps the hardest moment on the trip.  A total re-adjustment of thinking and attitude.  But, also a great moment… the promise of the adventure to come.  When I wrote this, we were not yet in Ecuador.  Waiting in Panama City for our plane to Quito.  These two images reflect the “high” at the beginning of the trip ….and the adjustments made to an altered reality.

The Adjustment


We’re settled into our temporary housing.  An easy transition – much easier than typical.  Perhaps as we’d been to Quito previously and had a sense of what to expect.  This is one of the things we were hoping for.  Temporary digs have beautiful gardens with a live-in bunny!    The constant piss-ant stream along the ceiling is not perfect, but we have this problem at home from time to time as well. The ants here stay at the ceiling so don’t bother us as all.

Gualopo Apartmenr

A view from the rejected apartment.

We’ve been checking out apartments and schools for the last two days. The first apartment had a view to die for…  but, the place was quite dirty, had minimal furniture and all we had to do was “create a list of what we needed to set up house” and they would provide it…  Hummmm.   It was hard to pass up as the view was spectacular and the price was good.  Then we looked at the wonderful vacation rental with a special rate.  A truly lovely place that would be a wonderful respite when we needed to escape (which is needed on a long trip.)  It was our choice, but much more expensive, and no oven.  I want to bake.  The gardens were spectacular and the apartment very lovely.  Sooooo, hard to pass up.  But, we manage to find a very clean “apartment” with a private bath and shared kitchen with an incredible view of the city and Pichinchia (see an earlier posting.)  We settled on this one as it was very affordable, and it will provide a much more “Ecuadorian” experience.  More of a challenge,… but challenge is good.  You’ll have to visit the next post to see our new Casa.  Moving in on Monday.

Oh, yes, we picked a school to begin our studies.  More on that next time as well.