Nikki and Chicha’s Big Adventure

Today Nikki and Chicha started their big adventure, …. with their people Jim and Sylvia. First, Jim and and I had to vote. This was the gating factor for the start of their adventure. We decided to remove all doubt as to whether our vote would count. Santa Fe county started in-person voting, only at the County Clerk’s office (moved to the Convention Center), today. So, vote, then finish packing the rental mini van and start the adventure.

We got home, had LOTS of packing to still do as we were in Albuquerque all day yesterday. So…. about 4 PM, we hit the road. Yes, 4 PM. But, it is important to get started. So, Nikki and Chicha have begun their big adventure. We are headed to the the boat, Rincon Feliz, which is currently in Virginia. Neither kitten has hardly been in a car, much less spent a day in the car, nor left the state.

We are in the car and driving. Then the kittens get to leave their carriers. Nikkis not so sure yet…

We made it to Tucumcari this evening. We’ll take about a week, winding our way across the country, avoiding little Covids as much as possible and doing a bit of genealogy, bird watching and just seeing the country. Then, next Monday, we hope Rincon Feliz will be ready for the kittens to, for the first time, experience a boat!