Yikes! and Life’s a Blur

The photos below are what we have been seeing the last couple days. Beautiful, but our minds have been elsewhere…

Turns our the area we have been in in central Kentucky is the Bourbon capital of the world. I have no knowledge that my ancestors were or were not “in the biz”, I think they were farmers and too early for the Bourbon industry, but fun anyway. We did not visit any, but they had all these, I presume, aging sheds.

It is a long way across the country. We are so ready to be to the boat; as are the kittens. They are adjusting and starting to understand the transitions from car to hotel and hotel to car. Kittens, you have to get into your carriers for a bit and then you get freedom. We are also learning that hotels that are not necessary the “main pet hotels” are better as you are not in pet specific rooms, rooms that have had lots of pets (and lots of pet smells), or barking dogs in the halls. These things all seem to make the kittens more antsy. Surprise, surprise!

We did find some lovely, very quite backroads in Kentucky,,,

Jim and I are also tired of masks on, the only ones with masks and looking like aliens. Some places are better than others, but it wears on you. All the hotels say they have “strong policies”, but the realities are that they vary. The worst was the Wendys. No, we DON’T eat at these places but when you are in very rural places, if you don’t want to sit in an indoor seating only restaurant, then corporate fast food it is. Horrible! 2/3rd of the employees had masks. The others has the chin or one ear masks.

We headed through the Cumberland Gap… But, I don’t think the tunnel was there when Jim and my ancestors came through. making tracks. Did not get to visit the park.

Tomorrow, we finally get to the boat. A day later than planned as the yard is behind. We’ll load our stuff and spend the night there, but they still need Wednesday to finish up the work. So, probably Thursday before we are set free…., maybe Wednesday late.

Heading to the New Salem Baptist Church Cemetery in Bardstown, KY (the Bourbon capital), we happened upon the Bernheim Arboretum. A lovely, peaceful stop, and we still had time to find the graves of my 5th Great Grandparents, Major William Chenoweth, Sr, and Mary Polly Van Meter who settled Nelson County Kentucky in the 1780’s.

But, the biggest yikes! We left the boat in early July. Lets see, that’s 3 months ago. We’d been on the boat for 6 weeks, almost all with a training captain. We have no or very little boat memory. It feels like the first time we will have been there. We are not feeling ready to head off on our own big boat adventure. There is work we have do do on the boat, before we leave, but our brains are not around it yet

We found some lovely back roads in western Virginia and along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The fall colors are getting better each day.

We plan to head around the corner to a local marina, get our seal legs, get the kittens situated, get our ourselves situated, install the batteries, do some practice in close quarters maneuvering, and take a big breath.

A stop at the Mabry Grist Mill on on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The mill was closed, but a pretty stop and a tasty take out chicken pot pie for a misty, rainy day.