Day 3 – Headed towards Virginia

Trying to move towards the Cannonball format, starting with stats to provide some context.

City Marina (fuel dock), Vero Beach, FL to Titusville, FL (mooring ball). 8 hours, 38 minutes, 63.32 nm. Captains, Jim -> Sylvia -> Bernie -> Jim -> Sylvia.

I brought us into the dock last night, so Jim took the helm this AM. We think we are getting better. It does not seem scary, just confusing at times. We have headphones with mikes so Bernie talks us though it (and helps us with lines).

Today we saw dolphins multiple times! So exciting!!! They were running with the boat, jumping, rolling, etc. There were at least 4 one time. I think they like our nice slow boat.

We are also seeing lots of birds, but not much variety. Fun to see though.

The Osprey really like the day beacons for nesting and sitting,

Tonight we are on a mooring ball and can see the the assembly building at Cape Canaveral. I surely wish we could have been here a few days ago. But, we were not ready to go yet.

Taken from the IWC (Intracostal Waterway.) We had a similar view from our mooring, but it was rainy.

We also spent time today reviewing navigational mark in the water and on charts (they are maps to me, but I’m learning!)

Water trees.

There are lots of bridges, Some are high enough for our 28′ 6 1/2″ mast, but we have to call some bridges and have them open, or wait for opening times. We are getting better at talking on the VHF radio as well.

The NASA Causeway Bridge. We had to request opening. But, not during morning and evening rush hours.

I’ve been doing some posts via my phone with the dreadful spell check “thingys” and Jim has been enjoying my sucky spelling. Will try to correct that for you all.

Our mooring ball in Titusville.

I was finishing this post last evening and putz, the generator stopped. I could still used battery power, but our batteries are weak and we need to understand why our generator stopped. Check salt water cooling. Fine. It was overheating. Thought it was a plastic bag or something stuck on the intake. Waited to cool, restarted and all seemed OK. Stopped again about 2 AM. Dang! We (Jim and Bernie actually) changed the thermostat (we have spares but need more in general!) So far, so good.

The engine room is more spacious than some, but still a cozy fit at times. Laying on the generator near the stern (back) of the boat.