We Bought a Boat

This is something Jim and I have been thinking about for quite some time… years perhaps? Back in the 90’s we owned a 27 foot cabin cruiser, a lake boat. Complete with 2 births, a kitchen and a bath. We enjoyed our time on the lakes in the southwest but always wanted to GO somewhere on a boat.

I’ve always had a hankering for sailing around the world, but Jim did not want to live at 30 degrees and want “more engine”. Our boat only has slightly more than sailboat engine, but is much more complex. No we are not planning to go around the world although we could in this boat, but we do have rather ambitious thoughts about what we might like to do. We’ll see.

So, after Jim looking at LOTS of boat porn and saying, “Sylvia look at this one!”, we’ve gone to two Trawler Fests (seminars, vendors, training, etc) and looked at boats in the Pacific Northwest, Maryland and Florida over the past 4 years. We finally found one we liked quite a lot and thoughlots of trials, tribulations and “whats?”, we managed to buy it. (Lots of stories there.)

So, here we are on our boat in Jupiter, Florida (amid the Corona virus, more stories there as well. Extra Challenges buying a boat in the Age of Covid.)

These are the guys who surveyed our boat before we bought it. Brian the hull surveyor and Gary, the engine surveyor. They look for problems and issues that we should be aware of before we agree on a final price for purchase. A long day in close quarters with masks and 6 people. This was in mid-May. So much for social distancing…

We cannot captain the boat as our insurance will not allow us. They are very reluctant to let someone take a jump of more than 10′ at a time with a boat. Our last was 27′. This one 48′. Sooooo, we have hired a training Captain. Not unusual and very useful for many reasons beyond insurance. But wait, I should probably introduce our “new” boat. Her name is Rincon Feliz (translate that as our happy corner or nest.) She is a 2001 Kadey-Krogen 48 North Sea. Her top speed is about 10 MPH. Yes, for real. But she sips fuel at about 2.5 GPH. About as economical as one can get on a power boat. She has basically a tractor motor. But she has a lovely queen stateroom, very nice guest quarters if you are so lucky (ha!), two heads (bathrooms), a lovely salon (living room), galley ()itchen), pilot house, fly bridge (the last two for “driving the boat”) and a little outdoor area, the cockpit.

Rincon Feliz. He dinghy is only sort of installed. Her fist day with “the new saddle” on. Not very happy yet. It will ride reversed, with the dinghy bow towards the front of the big boat.

Oh, we call Rincon Feliz the slow boat. But, we have the dinghy, the fast boat. About 4 times as fast. Her name, Rinconsito. One has to get to shore when anchored out, or for exploring while anchored.

Picking up Rinconcito. She lived on a 68 foot boat across the marina. The previous owner gave us a VERY good price.

You will have to wait for more pics of the boats. We are in training. For those of you who remember the Cannonball, (look back to July – Sept of 2012), we are not there, but is has some inklings. Bernie, our Captain, is incredibly knowledgeable and teaching us so much. But a bit of firehouse action, lots of learning on systems, making sure the outfitting of the boat is reasonable and fixing and doing maintenance. Every crawl, turn or cabinet leads to a new challenge.

Jim changing the impeller on the generator so we have electricity when not at shore or using batteries. The generator (and main engine for that matter) are cooled by sea water. One wants to make sure there is always plenty of cold water.

Maybe in a few days we’ll actually leave the dock. Enough for now. I’ll do my best to write more.

Where we are currently in Jupiter Florida. Taken from my phone, looking at my computer with a GPS antenna attached using navigation software. We are the big greed boat (not to scale.)