Boat (House) Projects

We have slowly been making to boat more to our liking. Getting new rugs, changing out window coverings, reconfiguring cabinets, and the likes. A slow process as we have to figure out what to change, and also find and buy the parts. This is harder on a boat when you are moving. IF, you have transpo to the appropriate store, and there IS a store where you are, then you may be in luck. If not, shop, consider, buy on line and have shipped to a marina once you know where you will be. This can be weeks from knowing want you want to getting it. Patience is the name of the game.

Window Coverings

We still have more to do here, but we have MUCH better coverings in the staterooms and heads. The heads has these likely original curtains that are somewhat sailboat style in reds, stripes and… well, for the ones in the guest head, not the same length.

The guest head. Notice the curtains on the left are long and those on the right are short. They could be swapped, but were also stiff and, just not to our liking. In the shower, they were moldy.
And those in the mater head. Aren’t they cute?
And the new coverings in the heads.
In the staterooms, the coverings were plastic corrugated held in place with shock cord. Not un common and they provide a bit of insulation. But, you can’t see out….
When they are closed.
And open

We are much happier with these. We still need to address the salon curtains that are not the same length. A work in progress.

Maximizing Galley Space

We have several cabinets in the galley that were just not working well. One is under-cabinet storage in a “bar” area. Lots of wasted space. We have worked for weeks to get slide out shelves to fill this space. The first shipment, they sent single height, not doubles. So frustrating.

Now isn’t this a mess? So much wasted space and a mish-mash of stuff crammed in the cabinet.
Jim had to repurpose some supports under the old single slide out, making them prettier before reusing them.
Ta-da! The new double-double, soft close cabinets with new baskets. Sooooo much more useful.
Hard to get a sense, but I had SO many spices; once needs lots when one cooks. They were everywhere. We found a little sliding rack that we were able to fit between the already existing baskets in this cabinet. I can get most of the spices in now. I have many small bottles, but for lots of things like nutmeg and powdered mustard that is fine.

Baskets and boxes. Storage on the boat is much better with smaller containers containing whatever it may be. It keeps things from sliding around so much. Cardboard? No good as you get to warmer environs, cockroaches love living in the boxes. It can be a challenge finding the right size box for a space. Luckily the boat came with many.

Travel in the Age of Covid

So, that is Boat (House) projects for now. I’ll close with a non-related pic to this topic, but one I love. Returning to the boat in our Uber while in Wilmington, NC, the driver showed up with this set of protections. The car was clean and tidy. There were water bottles for us in the back, and all the niceties of the best drivers. But, this guy wanted to protect himself and us.

This driver had a plastic enclosure around himself. Did not bother me one bit. Far superior to the drivers with “half masks.”