Dirty Water

Today, the day after Christmas and all through the boat, not a faucet had clean water, not even the showers. On our Christmas Eve rock and roll, the sediment in the bottom of the water tanks got stirred up, clogging our filter and sending us brown water. By today, it was mostly just a light yellow. When we brought the boat north from Florida we encountered this in all that rock and rolling in the bad weather. However, we though all that activity had cleaned the tanks. Why do we have dirty water? After 20 years, each time the tank is filled, is the water completely clean that fills the tank? Although the tanks are stainless, there is a tad of rusting to be seen at welds. Probably a combo of these two things.

The starboard tank. The inspection port is in the top under the guest stateroom/office floor/cat room floor. See that brown water? The water was actually clear, it is just the brown dirt film on the bottom that you see.

They needed cleaning. We (mostly Jim) is getting more comfortable digging into these projects. Take a long shower to further empty the tanks. Then, run all the faucets to finish draining the tanks. Each tank holds 200 gallons of water, half full, so, dump 200 gallons over the edge.

And the port tank. In the floor under the hallway.

Swish out those tanks with a long handled brush, and more water while running the faucets. Finally the tanks are clean, no more dirty water or film on the bottom and we are refilling with fresh clean water.

And what did Jim find in the port tank when he was swishing around?

Are you wondering? Does it still work? No. When you take the cap off, it pours out water. There is a hint of black though.

This “original equipment” marker. Right there in the bottom of the port tank! We decided to de-install the this piece of equipment.


Dirty Water — 3 Comments

  1. You’ll get everything sorted right before you sell the boat. That’s a boat owners second favorite day. The first is the day you buy it.

    Just imagine what boat ownership would be like if you had to pay someone to take care of the maintenance. I wouldn’t make a good boat owner.

    Keep posting.

  2. same with houses and bikes Jimmy, the best and worst days. As for the maintenance…. we hired a yard to do a bunch or work and after gulping big time at the price for many things decided that yes, we could do more of it. We just do it in dribs and drabs now, so not quite so bad.

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